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New Artist Alert! Scott Getlin

Hello truckstars!

I rarely showcase musical talent, in fact I’ve never done it here on The Truckstar, but, as many of you know I am a country music songwriter myself so I’m always on the lookout for up and coming talent and, like you, I’m thrilled to discover someone whose songs I can’t get out of my head.  Believe me when I tell you, Scott Getlin is a  talent, a seriously major league talent. A diamond in the rough being cut by the razor sharp blade of life.

I’m 52 now, my window of reaching fame on the musical stage may have long passed, but being a songwriter very active in the Nashville music scene I have a good eye and ear for that ever elusive “hit” sound, and moreover I know a superstar when I see one – and I’ve seen one.

Ladies and Gentlemen I want to introduce you to SCOTT GETLIN. Scott is currently a resident of the great and beautiful state of  Wyoming, a classic “road warrior”  and a frequent performer in the Nashville music scene. An experienced and well seasoned singer, songwriter and performer I see this kid filling stadiums someday, someday soon, and there’s going to be wailing and knashing of teeth in the Nashville Record Label community when yet another major artist went un-signed for too long. I called it with Jason Aldean and Blake Shelton and a dozen other artists in waiting, awhile back. I’m surprised Mike Curb from Curb Records hasn’t spotted this kid yet. Mike has a gifted eye and ear for talent with a clear vision of the big picture of country music and he’s never been afraid to take chances.

I’m so strongly reminded of John Cougar Mellencamp’s  debut in Los Angeles at a showcase rock club called the “Starwood” back in the late 70’s where I left the club after a 3 hour show that not only kicked my ass, it changed my view of music forever. I see that in Scott and more importantly – I HEAR IT.

I want to draw your attention to the video panel here on my new web template in the right hand side bar and the link to Scott’s site with his concert listings and dates, below, where you’ll also find a music player with a line up of songs that will be on the charts soon. “Without You” is a future number one, as is “Bang Bang” and “My Mother Prayed”.

The first time I heard “Without You” a few weeks ago, I cried like a little kid because it so reminded me of my one and only “true love” I lost back when I was a singer in LA. This song brought back those memories full force with such artistry I was overwhelmed.

“Bang Bang” is for you heartbroken souls who may have never gotten over the kind of moment in a relationship that changes everything and tears a heart into a million pieces.

“My Mother Prayed”, and if she hadn’t I’d be a dead son right now, enough said, and the rest of you know who you are…..

“Cruel Torch” is such a searing, raw, emotionally charged, direct from the heart song and it’s hard to imagine living this story let alone writing and performing it.

The songs you’re about to listen to are testimony’s, not just “tunes”. No, there’s much more going on here than that my friend. This kind of music cannot be created in a studio with big money and talented studio tech’s, the experiences are genuine.

I’m not going to whine about the frosted cupcake b.s. coming through my speakers that is being played by the country music stations lately. Apparently the record labels in their infinite wisdom think we need a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down, but here’s a newsflash for em’ –  I don’t need them to do my thinking for me, and thank God the calvary is coming. His name is Scott.  As real as real gets, these songs have been LIVED. Survived. You know it, you feel it in your gut from the first note to the last and it’s never enough. Unless I miss my guess, and I almost NEVER do, Scott Getlin will be riding the pop, rock and country music charts alongside Gary Allen, Chris Cagle, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton and Dirks Bently before you know it!

Scott’s already, and will be soon an even bigger hit with the ladies too!

You know the drill, just click on the arrow in the center of the video featured in the window and let er’ roll…….but I’m warning you……what you are about to hear WILL change you……and you’ll love it!

Talk to ya soon truckstars!

I love ya!    daniel


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