"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 42 – The Truckstar

“On the Road with the original florida kid”

Hello again fellow truckstars! It’s Week 42 and…

….you’re on the road with the original florida kid….

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the wonder dog and the whole gang here at the ranch want to say a big cowboy howdy “HEY!”

KITCHEN TABLE TALKIN’- Alright, you know the drill…grab an ashtray, a cup of Grandma’s famous cowboy coffee and pull up a chair, there’s more on the front porch by the door. Seems every week more and more people come over to sit around the table and talk about stuff goin’ on, but that’s okay that’s what we’re here for..

Well, I’ve been sittin’ here on my butt for 4 weeks now waitin’ on boat freight to pick up, but….and it’s not just the price of fuel going up and down like it’s on a pogo stick either…(yeah and that’s another thing…)..

Barbie’s got that strained nervous look in her eyes, I can see it when she looks at me. Grandma was lookin’ out the kitchen window the other day, the way she does when I know she’s thinkin’ about Grandpa, and the tears were streamin’ down her face….then, mine too…

I know it wasn’t just for us either, lots of folks we know have hit hard times…people – good, everyday decent working people losin’ homes, businesses, cars, land, and havin’ to give up things they love just to try to pay bills and put food on the table…seems like we hear of someone every day losin’ their rig or home………even the third world knows you can’t keep sending jobs out of the country and hope the economy will survive!

We may be next, I don’t know..GOD HELP US….GOD HELP US ALL…PLEASE

This mortgage thing, the AIG bailout, all this business crisis stuff isn’t killin’ the economy, they’re signs of an economy in serious trouble, and I know you don’t need me to tell you that, but, I am sayin’ that I truly believe we, as a people and as a nation, we need to take more responsibility for our government and economy. I can’t tell you how sick and tired I am watching the politicians on tv fighting and mudslingin’ like little kids… meanwhile the country is being ransacked by big business and anyone else who can afford to own their own politician…..we must look like idiots to the rest of the world…seriously…

Those of you who’ve raised teenagers know, most of em’, most of the time, you can’t trust…as kids I mean….you want to but you know you can’t…you only hope they don’t burn the damn house down while you’re on a run….it’s kind of the same thing when you talk about our so called leaders…you want to trust em’, but you know ya can’t….and this time…..

…..the house IS on fire…….hellOOOooo…

I bet the CEO of AIG gets a paycheck this week, the President of the U.S., the Rep’s and Senators, they’re all gettin’ paid this week…I’m not…are you ?

If someone works for you, and ruins your business…aren’t you supposed to fire them??  Voting is how we do that…….

And here’s another thought: Why don’t we ever boycott the products of companies that have moved out of the country putting thousands of people out of work just to increase their profits…Wal-Mart spends 18-20 billion a year in China…Levi’s, the jeans co. fired 7,000 people a few years ago and moved just over the mexican border, like Ralph Lauren and dozens of other co’s….Ford and GM are closing plant after plant…textiles – are there any made here still?…

There has to come a point when you realize you’re cutting your own throat….why can’t our leaders and big business figure that out? Even the greediest thievin’ person or company has to come to their senses sooner or later….right?

Contact your elected officials TODAY! – – to find your representative enter your zip code – scroll to your home state

We know your support and participation had an effect on this mexican trucking thing…the President might veto the House’s vote to cut off money but they say they’ll fight it… let em’ know how you feel……

I registered to vote today….you have a few more days maybe 10 or so before the 29 day cut off…just Google, enter your home state name before the 2 words “voter registration” and it’ll tell you where you can register in your area, or offer an online option where you enter the info and it makes up an appl. for you then you print it, sign it and mail it or take it to the supervisor of elections office near where you live.

TRUCKSTAR TECH- Check out CNN.comLive and also – this is a Google program you can load into your phone to give you a gps and a map and direction program, for you techies out there you can also side load it in directly from your computer. Google’s new Android phone is cool and most of the cell phone experts like it but it doesn’t do nearly enough for me and I’m not payin’ for a cell phone AND mobile internet….if I have to choose it’ll be mobile internet……where I go my laptop goes……

I’m still trying to fall in love with the new breed of mini-laptops, like the new Acer Aspire One, or the much anticipated Dell Inspiron 10″, but I really haven’t seen one yet that has the juice I need while I’m on the road, and be careful the smaller ones have screen size adjustment issues, get at least a 10″ screen.

Skype, Windows Live and Yahoo Live all have free pc to pc calling phone programs now and all 3 have video too if your laptop has a webcam – you can talk to and see your family at home( or anyone else…) for free! It only takes a minute to load in your pc or laptop. I like the new swivel screen laptops with lots of usb ports, the new air cards for mobile internet come in usb modem, they look kind of like a usb flash drive, and also a 4 or more gig ram dual core, HD or Blue-Ray screen, built in web cam and mic( and make sure they have their own controls…), although a headset is cheap, (they even make bluetooth headsets with a usb plug for handsfree driving while talking). Asus, Sony, Dell, Hp…everyone seems to be making a good laptop just get one with the features you want or need. I’ll probably end up with AT&T for my mobile web co, they have the new usb air cards and good connection nationwide, but I’ll probably get a new laptop with embedded 3G broadband so I won’t even need an air card. Also check out this website – – for tv shows and movies you can watch for free…..

I need a 10 pixel digital camera with a 200-400 wide zoom lens for photos.

I’m also sticking with XP for now too….

Keep in mind that Sony and Apple have the highest rated customer support, Sony’s best help is their phone support, Toshiba is also not bad with customer phone support. Gateway is terrible and they want you to pay by the minute for help, it’s a ripoff. Getting some of the new app’s to work is tough even for experts and Customer Support should be a factor in deciding which brand and model you buy.

THE HEALTH DEPT- This week’s Health Dept. is going to be short because I want you to get a book called “The Bible Diet” written by a doctor named Richard H. Mays, M.D. Dr. Mays has written another “bible diet book” like “The Makers Diet” by Jordan Rubin but I believe this one is a good buy and filled with the info I want you to have for everyday food buying and eating habits and why… can buy it online from Alibris Books for a discounted price, here’s the link, just enter The Bible Diet in the search line:

Remember truckstars the condition of your body is a direct result of what you eat, the better you eat the healthier you’ll be. Don’t be discouraged by the endless stream of info on diets and what to eat, what not to eat. Arm yourself with a good foundational knowledge of food and diet throughout human history and it’ll give you a fix on where we are now and how you too can eat well and be healthy. You don’t have to be a believer to read and learn what’s in the “Bible Diet” books, but don’t discount it either if you haven’t read one of them…Okay? Don’t forget to think about whole grains and raw veg’s in your diet!

Don’t forget about abused kids…..

That’s it for this week truckstars!

If you’re a prayin’ person, Please pray for our nation, the world and the lost…

REMEMBER – No load and NO paycheck is worth dyin’ for…..

Don’t forget! I love ya and I’m prayin’ for ya!

So play nice, drive safe and pull it on home………

Saddle up…..let’s ride!

……you’re on the road with the original florida kid…we gown…..


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