"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 45 – The Truckstar

“On the Road with the original florida kid” Week 45

Hello again fellow truckstars! It’s Week 45 and….you’re on the road with the original florida kid…..

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog and the whole gang here at the ranch say a big cowboy howdy “HEY”…

KITCHEN TABLE TALKIN’- yeah buddy….it’s gettin’ cold outside…….

so hang your coats on the peg by the door, come on in and grab a cup of Grandma’s famous, and hot, cowboy coffee. Good thing I cut a bunch of firewood this past summer. We had to clear back quite a few trees that grew in over the gravel road goin’ up the hill to 2 of the pastures up there because the shade was keepin’ it too wet and slippery….even the horses were doin’ the slip and slide, we have to walk them up that part of the dirt road…so…at least we got firewood out of the deal…dry too now…..looks like we’ll need it.

Ol’ Pup the Wonder dog is gettin’ up a little bit slower these days…Barbie says he’s got arthritis…..poor ol’ boy, he’s gettin’ up there…sometimes he sits it out when we go up in the hills, not always but sometimes….guess we’re all gettin’ old….dammit….

JT might just make it…we’ll see…we don’t know yet but he found a new load broker…one that actually passes on the fuel surcharges to him…yeah well, like I said, we’ll see…..(call me crazy but isn’t stealin’ money against the law?….I don’t know I thought I heard that somewhere…)

I hope everyone caught last week’s blog – Week 44 – where I listed the legislation that’s

on the table up on capitol hill in several important areas, ones that affect us as drivers I mean….I also listed most if not all of the politicians involved so you can contact them and give them support. If your rep’s and senators aren’t there you may want to contact them and ask them….WHY ?….

Here’s the starting point if you’re in the mood….( if you’re not, now would be a good time to get  in the mood….wha’d ya say?) – to find your representative enter your zip code – (scroll to your home state)

Don’t think for a second that ONE voice doesn’t matter….Have you ever been to a professional football or baseball game at a stadium?  One guy starts yellin’ and the next thing ya know 60,000 people are yellin’ too…the players will tell you it can definitely affect the outcome of a game, not to mention the fact that it can be deafening……..get the point?…..

Your voice DOES matter!  It matters to, and for, all of us….are ya with me truckstars ?

I’m readin’ the trucking news headlines this morning…not that I need anyone to tell me that freight is still going down and the price of everything else is goin’ up…or that the economy worldwide is feelin’ the crunch….and suddenly – I realize that I’m damn sick and tired of feelin’ helpless and scared…and I’m also sick and damn tired of seeing and hearing about good and decent people losing everything…homes, cars, kids in college comin’ home, businesses….And while I’m at it here a little word to the critics of the common man out there….I’m sorry truckstars but there are even many in the trucking industry who think it’s a good thing the ranks are getting’ thinned out, that we’re going under because we can’t run a business or a truck…..

What – I need to be a business expert to survive in America now?  Since when?  And don’t talk down to me while you’ve got your hand in my pocket either…..

Yeah well it looks like the business experts need to go back to school too…….

No, I mean it….I’m a man’s man, not afraid of anything…but the past year or two has been like a really really bad  movie….with the keystone cops runnin’ around in Washington bumpin’ into each other….only it’s not funny and I’m not laughin’…..

What the hell man….

I ran a few small boats down to the boat-show settin’ up in Ft. Lauderdale monday and tues. and I ran into a veteran boat hauler I know from the west coast, an older guy been doin’ it for 35 years, a pro’s pro, this guy…well he pulls me off to the side and tells me it’s been so slow that he might not be able to make his insurance payments much longer and he may be done for….already sold everything that wasn’t nailed down…spare trailers and what not…the ones that haven’t been stolen, that is…it was hard to watch this guy’s face…the look on his face just broke my damn heart truckstars….it really did….I’m walking away thinkin’ to myself, man, if this guy’s goin’ under…. and right then it felt like an ice cold wind just blew right through me……….tellin’ ya…..

The rail and ocean going shipping industries are way down too….worldwide…

Where’s it going to end?

Don’t know truckstars….don’t think anyone but God knows…………….wonder what He has to say about all this.

I wish I would have asked Him AND gotten more involved in government……sooner…..             ……….well…I AM NOW……

THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT- I want to make a comment about all these “weight loss” pills, drinks and powders…DON’T TAKE THEM! Why? Because most of them are newer forms of “speed” or enhanced acid based caffeine drugs designed to artificially raise your metabolism and heart-rate in order to burn more calories. Anything with a “drine” at the end of it is basically a synthetic type of stimulant, and there are others that use sugars and caffeine mixtures ALL of which are not, and never will be, good for you. Protein shakes, or drinks, like MetRx or Muscle Milk or Labrada Protein Drinks( ), I think the Labrada is the best because they are really high in good protein and also vitamins and minerals(I know I’ve misspelled the name in past blogs…should’ve stayed in school longer…)but Muscle Milk is easier to find, then the MetRx, this is the same co. that makes the best protein bars on the market like the one I eat –  MetRx Colossal. Flying J now carries em’. It’s cheaper to get a case of drinks and bring a few out on the road with, that’s what I do.

If you find yourself overweight, with a higher than healthy cholesterol level or even high blood pressure, or feeling sluggish and low energy in general you first need to take a look, a really good hard look, at your diet, that’s where you’ll find the problems..

Now, for starters these so called weight loss potions do not discharge the fats and toxins in your body they raise your “burn” level to cause your body to try to metabolize fats and toxins out of your system, but they don’t, they just burn low levels of carbs and some or part of the fats, and make you NOT feel like eating meanwhile they acidify the nutrients in your blood, that’s why it still takes someone 6 months to lose just a few pounds when they take this stuff. The power drinks don’t do anything but amp you out, fake energy with a nasty downside.

Most health issues originate in or with the diet you eat. Fact. And for you vitamin skeptics out there, vitamins are not drugs – they’re food derivatives – big difference. I always talk about “whole food organic” vitamins because they’re drawn from organic foods and are in fact food themselves, just concentrated and made for people that can’t, won’t or don’t have a way to eat an ideal diet rich in lean proteins and fruit, vegetable or grain based vitamins and minerals. Make sure you read the labels on whatever vitamins you’re taking to see if the source of the nutrient is synthetic or natural or organic based, organic being best. Synthetic based vitamins are useless. You can’t run on “fake” fuel, just like you can’t be healthy on fake food….Okay?

TRUCKSTAR TECH- I got a new “free” upgrade phone when I renewed my cell phone contract with AT&T last week, got a cool new Razr 3, internet enabled…cool right?

Uh… well….yes and no….

Yes, because I can check my Comcast e-mail and look up “some” stuff on the web, but, no, because I still need G3 or higher speeds to watch movies and the better graphics, and some of the streaming radio, no, most of the streaming “anything” I want to do requires it, not to mention the fact that I also need to get the “unlimited internet plan” to go with it, and, a higher minute plan or the “all in one” unlimited plan for around a hundred bucks a month….and that’s not even close to what I really wanted, which was a “smart phone”, which is a kind of a – phone/wanna-be computer thing. So…after 2 days of research on the web I came to the conclusion that I’m bagging the cool phone thing and going with a “super” laptop that will do everything including : making phone calls to any computer or cell or landline anywhere in the world, HD or Blue-Ray film watching(on DVD or Flashdrive or download like Netflix), e-mail of course, storing files, map programs, writing work, business software, photos, and well, anything else I will need or can think of, plus I can web surf at very high speeds all for about $60 bucks a month. That’s it.

When I save the money for the laptop I need then this phone is going into my outdated cell phone collection and I’m switching my monthly plan to an internet plan. End of conversation. When I want to call Barbie, or anyone else, I have the option of seeing them while I’m speaking with them for pennies.

I’m still looking at the new “mini” laptops, so far the new SONY Z series is the best, they already have the best “after sale service”. HP has a deal where you get $200 off the price of the laptop if you go with AT&T on select models…hmmm…..HP’s aregetting raves in the tech mags too for the new laptops….I’ll be taking a look at them too you can bet…I’ll let you know, and if you’re in the market for a laptop I would wait till the last minute the experts say the prices will be falling……a lot….really soon…..

I want to give a big cowboy howdy shout out to  Dan Little from the need to join up truckstars…seriously…) and my main man in Kentucky – Big Jack Knife aka Harold, he’s a 2 million miler who’s laid up at the moment sufferin’ from a little bit of “father time”…..

So – hats off and heads up – “HEY BOYS !”

Well truckstars, I could ramble on all day here but I better shut er’ down for this week and get back to puttin’ the line-up for Truckstar Radio together. Technically we’re on the air but I’m still lookin’ for menand women drivers to host their own shows with lots of call-in options, and also, some of the good folks from all our favorite trucking websites. We’ll also be hearing music and on the road interviews from some of country music’s up and coming stars, like Stephen Wild, PBR bull riders and a whole bunch of other great people….but mostly it’s all of you together talkin’, screamin’, laughin’ and cryin’ together….I look forward to Kitchen Table Talkin’ with all of you around the country here on Truckstar Radio. If you’re needin’ help just call-in to the station for specific weather, truckstop locations, road service help…whatever you need…I’m here for YOU…

The links are on, just bookmark em’ or list Truckstar Radio in your player list(RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, Quicktime or the iTunes/Winamp Player for you Mac users out there.)

And remember, you can always listen to Truckstar Radio in the background while spending time on your favorite trucking site, like this one, you read my blog here already anyway…so….

Don’t forget about abused kids…..they really need heroes….                                    If you’re a prayin’ person, Please pray for our nation, the world and the lost…..

I was once lost but now am found because someone prayed for me…….

REMEMBER – No load and NO paycheck is worth dyin’ for…..

Don’t ever forget – I love ya…and I’m prayin’ for ya !

So play nice, drive safe and pull it on home………

Saddle up truckstars…..let’s ride……

……you’re on the road with the original florida kid…we gown…..


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