"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 48 – The Truckstar

“On the Road with the original florida kid”

Hello again fellow truckstars! It’s Week 48 and…’re on the road with the original florida kid..

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, Tommy Boy, JT and the whole gang here at the ranch want to say a big cowboy howdy “HEY ! ”

KITCHEN TABLE TALKIN’- Come on in, grab a chair, a cup

of Grandma’s famous cowboy coffee and let’s get this party rollin’…

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did….

Before I go any further I have to tell ya, I’m kind of bummed out and a little “pissed” at the moment….I had to give up both trucks this past week, that’s why I didn’t write to you until today, I was busy tryin’ to find a way to save my trucks, but I couldn’t, and since then I’ve been applying to every place in the area to find a job…of any kind.

Barbie’s health isn’t too good as you know so that limits my scope of work, somewhat, to local stuff, and right about now that picture doesn’t look to good either. The job market down here is the worst I’ve ever seen it, even the classifieds in the paper are just a few listings, mostly medical and tele-marketer stuff, neither of which I’m qualified to do…so…here I sit feelin’ like…like I don’t know what….this is a new one for me…to be jobless, truckless and maybe a little hopeless sometimes too…feels like slidin’ downhill trying to keep from gettin’ slammed by the avalanche thunderin’ close behind me….and not being able to do anything about it…

What now? Don’t know truckstars, for the first time in my 53 years…I don’t know….Prayer, I guess….Grandma’s been in her room a lot lately with her Bible…me too…..

I’m no slacker, but honestly, I don’t know whether to go out the door and go left, right, straight ahead or turn around and go back in the damn house…..(and maybe, bang my head on the wall)…also a new one for me…maybe I’ll have to go to drivin’ a company rig, a day player gig, for someone and hope to God nothing happens to her while I’m on the road, if anyone’s hiring that is…meanwhile the wolves arealready at the door….and they’re hungry…….

…..what the hell man…..

I know I’m not alone in this, lots of folks around the country are in the same boat, some even worse off, some better, but many, worse. I’m not going to now, and will never ever give up hope, even still, I’m trying always to do the right thing…We’re going to get through this, if no other way than God’s grace and mercy…no matter how desperate things may seem Please remember truckstars  there will be a “tomorrow” and win or lose we’ll all get there together….a “bad’ day in America is STILL better than a good day anywhere else!……

Stay tuned truckstars, as the battle rages on and the saga continues……..I’ll find somethin’, hopefully soon….

“Keep your chin up kid, it’s only rain”…..

Don’t forget we have legislative issues we need to let our Rep’s and Senators know how we feel about…like HR-6630…

(One thing we don’t need right now is cheaper labor being allowed to grab what freight there is for tax paying American drivers!) – to find your representative enter your zip code – (scroll to your home state)

You know what to do……

And if you’re wonderin’ where all the “important to truckers legislation” is “at” just check with Dan Little from the OOU…  and (the forum site)….I’m tellin’ ya, this guy’s the real deal!… …..or keep it right here, and, at Truckstar Radio…driver driven talk radio…no b.s….

U.S. manufacturing is at a 60 year low(great…), the lowest since 1949, and ocean going freight is at a 30 year low, the rail industry…..forget the rail industry….fuel’s cheap but work is so slow….The new President has his work cut out for him….yeah he does….

Don’t forget to grab the latest issue of “The Trucker” !

Cargo Security is a huge issue , it always has been but MUCH more so in the past year or two, so just use your head. Lock your truck, even at the fuel pumps and watch your back.

THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT- Arterial plaque. What is it, where does it comes from and what do we do about it?

On any given day, how much thought do we give to what’s in the foods we eat and the liquids we drink?

Atherogenisis – the process of the artery walls being lined by depsosits, mostly cholesterol.

What happens when we eat a diet too high in fats or other chemicals that aren’t natural? They leave residual plaque which lines the arteries and veins in our bodies, even the ones in the heart and brain. This plaque begins to close-off the artery(otherwise known as “high blood pressure”) or vein and sometimes pieces break off or clots form (because of the artery wall damage being done), and a heart attack or stroke occurs. Stroke and heart attacks are far to common in our society, which is the most educated, nutritionally, yet. Studies even indicate, that in the brain, deposits carried into sensitive brain tissue from the blood flow leave layering or sediment deposits which cuts off or chokes off oxygen from the blood eventually diminishing the activity and capacity of areas of the brain. This can be manifested, to one degree or another, as Alzheimers or Dementia( remember our Grandma June, this is what she had and died of last year).

When we eat a diet rich in “natural” nutrients we GREATLY reduce this kind of effects from food, it’s that simple truckstars…I don’t get enough exercise and I’m trying to do something about it…I eat fried chicken and pizza WAY too often and I am doing something about that too. I Do watch my butter, salad dressings and the fat content of everything I eat, all the time, the chemicals in my food too. Sometimes it isn’t possible, I know that, but let’s face it we’re talking about “damage control” here aren’t we?

Listen to me…this is serious business we’re talking about and I want you to be as healthy as possible, and more importantly, disease free, but you have to do what you can! You control what goes into your body – don’t you? Start out with a basic look at what you normally eat and work it out from there, Okay?

Get a bottle of good “whole food organic” vitamins….

More on this next week, and also, what and how to buy at the grocery store, and, the “truth” about antacids….

Stay tuned truckstars…..

TRUCKSTAR TECH- I keep see-sawing over these netbooks, otherwise known as “mini-notebooks”. On the one hand they’re cheap, really cheap, and do a lot of stuff for the money, but on the other their limitations keep me from getting one. Basic functions like web searches and e-mail, or keeping a journal, okay fine, but when it comes to good graphics for some sites and movie watching, full screen with good resolution or heavy data functions, NOT okay fine. Yes, they come 3G capable which is good, but picture sizing and other issues, bad. Don’t, like me at first, try to compare them to a full size, full featured laptop notebook because you can’t, but, you can ask yourself what you need it to do as a tool, a media access, and a communication device…they’re affordable and they go high speed….cool…..

Me? I’ll probably end up with a business class Sony FW(with Blue-Ray), one of the new high performance multi media Samsung’s or one of the great new Gobi, 24 hour battery HP’s – biz class…..

The techies say the Acer Aspire 1 is the cool mini….

Digital cameras and web cams are coming out now with memory built in, no more sd cards or mini dvd’s! I like the new Samsung SC-MX20, in red.

“Smart-phone” winner? The new Sprint Instinct with the 99$ all in one plan which includes Sprint TV……

You can also get 8G flash memory SD cards for your “smartphone” from a co. called –

The geniuses at MIT are trying to come up with new technologies so we can do away with the mouse and keyboard!

Try for device problems…and solutions.

* My favorite mag – for buying guides and product info !


Smartphone match-up – and – APU’s – I’m puttin together a full report on the growing nationwide ban on idling and the different APU’s available, costs, pros and cons of the different models and makers.

(Also, don’t forget! If you have search “the truckstar live”, add us as a contact and “Skype-in” whenever you want!) I’m usually “on-the-air” nightly from 8:00pm to 11:00pm, sometimes later! Tune in and call-in!



New shows coming soon with some of our favorite top trucking sites, like, our favorite know-it-all and “seer of all things”, (okay well, most things)The Trucking Guru, interviews with cool and interesting people, a little music sometimes and whatever else we can think of!    And…of course – YOU!

Don’t forget about abused kids…..they really need heroes….YOU?
PLEASE! Say a prayer for SOMEBODY today!

Pray for our nation, the world and the “lost”….

I was once lost but now am found because someone prayed for me…….

REMEMBER – No load and NO paycheck is worth dyin’ for…..

Don’t ever forget – I love ya…and I’m prayin’ for ya !

Play nice, drive safe and pull it on home………

Saddle up truckstars…..let’s ride……’re “on the road with the original florida kid”…we gown…


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