"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 52 – The Truckstar

“On the Road with the original florida kid”

Hello again fellow truckstars! It’s Week 52 and….

…you’re on the road with the original florida kid….

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, JT, Neil Ray and Tommy Boy are all here…..they want to give a big cowboy howdy “HEY”  to one and all…..

..especially and the folks over at

KITCHEN TABLE TALKIN’- Well truckstars, I guess it’s no secret winter’s here! This time of year (the middle of summer too) brings home the point of “idling” regulation a little bit more. As time goes on I think this will become a bigger and bigger issue for all of us. I hear California is really givin’ out the tickets for violations, Pennsylvania too….Navistar says they’re workin’ on a diesel model APU, Cummins( ) is my personal favorite since I’ve had several Cummins powered vehicles and can safely say I think Cummins is top dog is the APU arena too, but a lot of drivers like the ProHeat Gen4 also. I hope the folks over at Idle Buster get back in the saddle….Ya’ might look into the Willis APU( they seem to have a handle on the technical stuff a lot better than I do….

The Thermo King Tri-Pac( is hybrid unit, which means it runs only when needed. I like that idea even more. This is somethin’ you don’t want a clearance rack version of either.

I know they’re not cheap, but soon truckstars I don’t think it’ll be a choice, it’ll be mandatory standard issue, if nothing else but from a legal standpoint.

Update on tax break info and HR139 status report too(tax credit for APU purchase) next week!

5 minutes?……that’s not even enough time to get changed into my jammies…….tellin’ ya….

I’m hearin’ all this talk, back and forth, in Washington and other places, about “infrastructure budgets”, which is a fancy term for – spendin’ money to fix stuff –  I wonder how much it’s going to cost us for them to talk about it for another two years or until someone actually gets off their ass and does it. How about this: Where the hell is the money that was supposed to be goin’ for road fixes been all this time and do they expect us to believe this is all a big surprise? And why does it take ten years to build a couple of miles of road? Why can’t they control and re-direct money being diverted to b.s. pork barrel projects so we’ll have the money we need for the people of this country? And when are our so-called leaders going to stop rolling around in our money like it’s theirs? The new guy just blew $180,000,000 on his party……..we had take-out that night…….


..shut up and fix the damn roads….faster…

….what the hell man…

Many of you truckstars know I’m a writer working on a bunch of stories, songs and poems(that’s right….tough guys can still write poetry….) Once in a while I guess we all need a little help and encouragement. is a writers web site, mostly children’s book authors, and a kid’s book author named Mona Schofstoll I met there has been a really great source of help and encouragement for me. Mona keeps up with my writing, offering her experienced pointers and direction and asks about Barbie on a regular basis. I want her to know how much I appreciate her kindness and this is my way of doin’ just that….

I had a story, a short one, accepted by one of the top fiction sites, so I’m excited….

I want to give a big cowboy howdy shout out to

Dan Little, the hardest workin’ man in trucking,

and the good folks over at the OOU

….”Hey Dan!” ( (a good site for legislation issues)


Animal rescue driver volunteers are needed by an animal rescue group – there’s a small tax break involved for drivers who want to transport adopted animals to waiting families all over the U.S.                               (ph. 330-447-5181)

TRUCKSTAR TECH- Okay, let’s talk laptops.

As you know I’m looking at them in the hopes of buying one myself soon. For me, service is a huge consideration when I look for anything, computers or whatever, that’s why I like CompUSA, I bought 3 computers and all the other hardware I use there. They seem to have a handle on the market place, they offer the best service, the best prices and most up to date brands.

Here’s my list of “what I want” in a laptop;

1.) SD card slot( a ‘must have’ for me)

2.) 3 or 4 USB slots

3.) HD or Blue Ray screen

4.) Stereo(built in) speakers

5.) Webcam and mic(built in)

6.) Imbedded 3G (this is so you can switch to high speed mobile web access easily, I’ll be starting out with it)

7.) Battery life – at least 5 hours(although you can get a power port adapter, make sure you check what watts your unit needs)

8.) Dual or Quad core

9.) 7,200 rpm hard-drive(not 5,000+)

10.) 802.11n (just write the numbers down and ask for it for better Wi-Fi, if you’re a wi-fi user, I’m not, don’t trust it)

11.) Bluetooth(get it built in)

12.) 250gig – or better – hard drive

13.) Cd/dvd drive

14.)TV tuner(if poss.)

Picture size is really just a preference idea, but if you’re a gamer or like to watch movies on the road then get at least a 14 inch screen, I like the 17″ and bigger.

Make sure if you’re getting one of the upgraded models with more than 2 gigs of ram that you also get a 64 bit, as opposed to a 32 bit because the processor won’t be able to make sense of the power. Another thing to keep in mind are features many people overlook when looking at laptop’s, or computers in general, the graphics and sound cards (you “gamers” have known this for a long time). As website graphics become more sophisticated, and we’re watching more online news, movie and video downloads(I use Netflix), graphics and soundcards are being pushed to the top of the list.

I like the Athlon(AMD) processors myself, the tech guys recommend them over Intel, with a long list of reasons why. HP and Sony seem to be ruling the top slots in the cutting edge areas mostly because business traveller types(like us) need the higher end capability, Sony coming out recently with a “mini” that is fully powered and has Blue Ray like a full size laptop(my birthday’s comin’ up….). I would look at the new Sony P or Z Series and the HP 2100 Series. You’ll be able to get a new full featured, modern laptop for around a thousand bucks, or less. I would seriously think over whether or not you really want one of the cheaper “minis”, otherwise known as “netbooks”, which are just cheaper, stripped down versions of full blown laptops, for several reasons, the first and most important one being the security issues they have. Every tech review I’ve read strongly warns people to beware and make sure you load a high end security software program immediately. Asus and Acer are in the headlines all the time with their mini series, the stores are pushing them, but I don’t trust their internal hardware quality. I still don’t like the idea of a nano-tech Atom Processor, I believe the technology has a ways to go still.

*Next week APU and “Smart-Phone” reviews AND  I’ll have a report on a new application that hooks carriers and shippers directly up with each other. I got a call from a guy in Toronto who says he’s developed a new program that doesn’t use brokers, carriers can bid directly on loads with the shippers!

So keep it right here for this groundbreaking news!

More on that next week and don’t forget to listen in to Truckstar Radio for a series of interviews I’ll be doing. I’ll be switching to day shows soon, also, until my schedule changes, but I’ll be on the air Monday and Tues. nights this week from 8pm on.

THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT- Okay here’s my pick for the best, most affordable men’s whole food organic multiple – offers them – enter in the search box – Whole Food Men’s One Daily – when it comes up you can buy them online, they’re $26.99 for a two month supply. Good deal for such a high quality vitamin. If you eat three good meals a day get the-Whole Food Men’s 3 Daily(more potency). If I can, they’re the ones I’ll get next time.

You really need to be taking a multiple, a good whole food organic multiple, and I think this one is great.

Have you switched to sea salt yet? Check what you’re eating and keep the sodium down as much as possible. I know it’s hard to do this stuff but truckstars it’s even harder to be sick and die young….lots of people do……needlessly…..

Are you watching your “empty carb” intake? What does empty carbs mean? It means bread and other baked or fried(donuts) food products that have been so overly processed that they have no nutrition left in them other than synthetic added vitamins, which are useless. Examples would be – bleached, cancer causing white bread, also, donuts, and any other kinds of foods that were once whole grain based but have undergone processing and packaging changes. Mmmmm…..cancer and stroke causing chemicals….yummy!

But, you might be saying, this is still food, right? NO it’s not! That’s the same thing as saying bad diesel is still diesel.

Until next week truckstars –

Don’t ever forget – I love ya and I’m prayin’ for ya!


….you’re on the road with the original florida kid….we gown….


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