"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 54 – The Truckstar

Hello again fellow truckstars!
It’s Week 54 – and

“you’re on the road with the original florida kid…

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, Tommy Boy, JT, Neil Ray and the whole gang here at the ranch want to give a big cowboy howdy “HEY” to all our friends!

Okay, so here’s what I’m seeing….the same old partisan in-fighting(and consequent mis-direction) has already begun(did it ever end?…). Politicians really believe that whatever they do, anything they do, is okay. Why? Because the public simply watches the news, gets caught up emotionally in the BS, and then does nothing….meanwhile the American economy is in the worst shape it’s ever been in. The jobs are leaving the country in un-precedented numbers, the over-all payscale is being devalued in most industries, the re-education of middle America has gone COMPLETELY ignored, and we get TOLD, NOT ASKED, but TOLD what’s going to happen with our money, our lives, our country and our futures -yet many corporate profits are soaring! The car companies, most of whom make a lot of their products OUT of the country are asking for more money already….AND what they’ve been given is going to come out of OUR ASSES…not Obama’s, not the House or the Senate, not FORD, GM, Or Chrysler, not Fannie Mae or any of them! You feel like a rented mule YET? Get used to it America, the yoke these people are placing around our necks will last for generations, not just 09 and 10….
HellOOOoooOOoo…is this thing on???
I’ve been saying this for a long time, GET INVOLVED in government, not politics, but government! Our government isn’t effective because they don’t have to be! Big business is both involved AND effective! We’re not! Why? When are we going to realize that, in, votes, taxes and buying dollars WE should be in control!  Why aren’t we demanding American made products? Why aren’t we voting to lower restrictions, insurance rates and taxes so businesses can operate profitably here in the U.S.? Why has blatant and un-restricted greed been allowed to devastate the lives of millions, of our economy? Me? I don’t want to just stand here like a helpless dumbshit ! I don’t like feeling like a victim all the damn time! Why are we buying products from companies that went out of the U.S. after firing thousands of Americans? (Like Levi’s) Why the hell are we still making the arabs rich when we don’t need to? As arrogant as the Europeans are, when we sneeze they catch a cold….
Stand back and take a look at the big picture here America, the trend has been at the cost of our own way of life, for a mythical result that will NEVER be!
This, the situation now, is the result, the reality….Haven’t you had enough yet? Isn’t the bullshit storm ever going to stop? Can you imagine what adult life for your kids is going to be like in this country?
I’ll say it AGAIN – Remember that next time you buy something that says “Made in China”, or where-ever, on the bottom of the package(and hopefully the fruits, vegetables and toys won’t poison your kids)…and you or your neighbor loses his savings,car and house….

Don’t wonder why so many politicians are jetting around on lobbyist jets, with corporate money in their pockets, boinking hookers all the time, and selling out our economy while they’re doing it! The media is forcing them to resign, not us, so don’t be in a hurry to pat yourself on the back….
The decisions and control of this nation should be in the hands of the American people. Inept businessmen and women are leading, and ruining, this country. Not the “leaders” we think we’re electing. Period.
Pride? Are you kidding me? Pride is a word our kids have to look up in the dictionary, they damn sure don’t see it on our faces, or in our actions!  Am I pissed? Hell yes I’m pissed….at myself for standing around with my hands in my pants for the last twenty years while every greedy snake in the western hemisphere slithered in and took a piece of my future and put it in his bank account! Do I have to become one to survive? Life in this country has already changed, that’s why the president isn’t smiling anymore….
yeah, you heard me……what the hell man……..

Pray for our country!  PRAY for God’s grace and mercy AND forgiveness…When? How about right now….push away from your computer, get on your knees and Pray…with the rest of us…..

Don’t forget about the legislation we have on the table!
Contact your Senators, Rep’s, Governors and State Legislators :

HR6630(mexican pilot prog.), HR 139(the APU tax credit), HR 5934/5977(TRUCC fuel surcharge law), HR 6106(repeal diesel tax), HR 6458( 60/65 speed limits leg.)

Okay here’s the list of the Top 5 “netbooks” according to the leading experts:
1. Asus EEE PC 1000 XP
2. Lenovo IdeaPad S10
3. Acer Aspire ONE
4. Asus N10JC
5. Dell Inspiron Mini 9(new model alert!)
*****The new Dell Inspiron 10 is here so, if you’re thinking of getting a netbook I would go to, it debut’d on QVC on the 19th. a few days ago, I’ve said this before, QVC has a great monthly payment plan, no interest either, so you can break up the cost of a laptop over 2-3 or more months.
I still highly recommend the HP 2100 and business class laptops. You can get Gobi(built in internet) and a discount when you sign up for one of the major Ip services through them. It’s a straight up deal, you have to hook it up anyway, right? WiFi? From the headlines and tech forecasts the bottom is about to fall out of the wifi thing, I don’t and never have liked it, nothin’s free truckstars, every damn thing has some kind of price or another….just sayin’….
I want the Sony Vaio P Series, one of the new generation in super mini’s. Full size laptop features in a mini. It’s a breakthrough netbook and I WANT ONE! (poor starving writer that I am….)
My commendations to my reader who e-mailed me saying he went by the specs Iposted a couple of weeks ago, and bought a laptop he’s really happy with! Wohoo!
here’s a link to free netbook app’s – – latest info on all things gov.

The Palm Centro – easy to use, lots of features, the Nokia E51 and E63 – GSM and WiFi capable…cool, the Blackberry 8820(AT&T) and BB Curve(def. the most pop. one is the Curve, and my fav, the one I’ll prob. get, is the AT&T Tilt, dual keyboards, big screen. Also for you music lovers check out Samsung’s new UpStage( in fact I like a lot of Samsung’s stuff!)
Smartphones are coming out faster than I can keep up, check with your provider regularly to check out the latest phones and features. You may be eligible for free or low cost upgrades too!


Someday….I’m dreaming…someday the truckstops will get their act together and actually offer food that doesn’t shorten our lives….
Make sure you get as much whole grain as poss, every day! Greens, dark greens, carrotts, cucumbers, cabbage, whole pea pods (too) are good plant ruffages! Keep your lower unit clear and your veins and arteries will stay clear! Check the labels and packaging on the stuff you buy to eat….and get a good whole food organic multiple vitamin! Remember boys and girls – fast food causes slow death..
Please truckstars…why is it we watch so carefully how we maintain our vehicles but we have no regard for what we put in our body’s tank? More next week on fast food survival tactics for road warriors..

Many Thanks to Kerry Evans Spillman form the OOIDA for a headsup on DOT fraud letters being sent to many truckers to get personal info from them!  Member?

Shout outs to the crew from Twitter! Love ya!

Truckstar Radio

THANKS to everyone, including my fellow trucking podcasters, who came on the show last night from my page, and my Skype page; both can be found at “thetruckstarlive” and called in at –


Check out my cool new flash player:

(once it pops up click back on the “listen” page to the web and keep surfing!) – take a rescued pet to his new home and family (mileage and tax credit paid)

Don’t forget about single Moms and abused kids in your community!

Until next week – I love ya and I’m prayin’ for ya!

Saddle up…….let’s ride!

..”you’re on the road with the original florida kid”…

…….we gown….


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