"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 55 – The Truckstar

Week 55 – The Truckstar

“On the Road  with the original florida kid”
Hello again fellow truckstars! It’s week 55 and…
…’re on the road with the original florida kid!….

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, Tommy Boy, JT, Neil Ray and the whole gang here at the ranch want to send out a big cowboy howdy “HEY” to everyone!

KITCHEN TABLE TALKIN’-  Grandma’s on the warpath around here today, with her wooden spoon(she‘s like a ninja with that thing)….The horses like to hang out up by the house when it’s cold out, or maybe it’s because everyone likes to feed them from the porch, and, they leave little(okay okay BIG ones….) land mines everywhere so folks end up trackin’ stuff in the house….and she doesn‘t care if the world is comin‘ to an end, the kitchen floor STAY‘S CLEAN…the infamous “wooden spoon” strikes terror deep into the hearts of us mere mortals…yeah it does….

As usual there’s a lot to talk about this week, not all of it good…so grab a chair, a cup of Grandma’s famous cowboy coffee and, if ya have to, Grandpa’s bottle of Jack is under the kitchen sink….pass it here….

This last trip to MO. To pick up a very pricey go-fast boat wasn’t the best trip, mechanically, I’ve ever had…a lot of stuff started goin’ wrong with the truck I was using, but Thank God I was able to get the boat close enough to home base so Wheels could send Justin up to get me and the boat….high stress road burn…feelin’ it…..another day at the office…just doin’ my job keemosabbee….

JT’s got a fence post up his keester over this business goin’ on in Virginia. I personally NEVER like to stop at rest areas because I like to one-stop shop when I have to take a break or whatever, but for the drivers who need to get off the road this “shakedown” seems way too far off the reservation, even for law enforcement. True it’s been an issue for awhile, like the idling thing, but lately it seems like drivers who need to pull over are doin’ somethin’ wrong! And, the damn ticket is REALLY expensive! Freight hauling is a fact of life in this country. Maybe the state of Virginia needs to remember that… I wonder if federal law or state law takes precedence..hmmmm..Do we break federal law for a petty state law?…..what’cha think truckstar?
( )
Thanks to Linda Goin from Appomattox News for this link and the story you’ll read there. Linda pretty much covers the bases with her article and you can find the link to throw in your 2 cents.
Me? I’m throwin in a bag of quarters…

yeah you heard me….

…….stay tuned truckstars… – Jason’s Law  –

Many of you have heard by now this painfully tragic story of this young driver killed while parked at a gas station near his drop point…maybe you can help his wife, and his unborn twins…the ones he’ll never get to see…..this kind of thing makes a good case for changing the gun “carry” laws so we can legally do it….You thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’ ? I don’t want to hear a word from you pacifist cream puffs out there either…I’m serious….
I know what God’s Word says….YOU show me where it says I have to stand there and watch someone kill my wife and kids, or me! Don’t try to twist  the“ turn the other cheek”  verse either, it doesn’t apply here and you know it…. – latest info on all things gov.

Okay truckstars don’t forget about the legislation we have on the table!
Contact your Senators, Rep’s, Governors and State Legislators :

HR6630(mexican pilot prog.), HR 139(the APU tax credit), HR 5934/5977(TRUCC fuel surcharge law), HR 6106(repeal diesel tax), HR 6458( 60/65 speed limits leg.)

Get involved – of course your voice matters!!!

TRUCKSTAR TECH-  Okay I finally did it…I got a laptop, the HP6735b, a custom model(Ihad a bunch of stuff added, including the fastest hard drive avail., and HD screen) kind of a little beast at 4g of ram, I’ll upgrade to 8 soon…with the new built in mobile web access – GOBI. I’ll write more on it later, since I haven’t tweaked it yet and deleted the bloatware in it, or downloaded the new software I need, either.
If you’re thinking “netbook”, uhhh, I would really really shop it….write down the list of what you need AND what you’ll be doing with it….you may just find yourself in the laptop class, not netbook.
Sony Vaio P Series is still one of the best netbooks in my opinion but they’re not cheap.
***My #1 netbook pick is the HP-2140***
Smartphones…well everyone and their brother is comin’ out with one, but the market is quickly declining because of the netbooks…so…my advice to you is to shop for an economy full size laptop. A 14” to 15” model is small enough. The tech gurus, like Warren Whitlock (author of “Twitter Revolution“) I keep in touch with are all switching from smartphones to netbooks, even for phone calls and texting. Warren tells me he got this model – (Acer Aspire One – AOD 150-157710.1 inch Netbook) I would take this as a strong endorsement if your looking for a good unit, long battery life.
Here’s a link to free netbook app’s –
With Skype you can’t lose….and don’t forget in the next few months to 2 years you’ll be using far more sophisticated apps and streaming internet radio too, and to me, the smartphones are too limiting.
*Don’t forget to look up the watts needed to power your new laptop and get a GOOD converter plugin for the power port!
More on this next week!

All I have to say this week truckstars is this –
You need to take a look at what Don Jacobson and his nutritionist wife Pam Whitfield have to say about eating on the road.
GET THIS BOOK and keep it in the truck with you!
You can catch Don on my radio show from time to time when he calls in to say Hi, and just maybe we can get him to do a show soon!
Don’t forget to take Muscle Milk or Labrada, or MetRx protein shakes and a bottle of whole food organic vitamins with you too! Okay?
You have a vegetable juicer at home and your regularly juicing aren’t you?

I want to give a big cowboy howdy SHOUTOUT to the gang from Twitter, Trucker Desiree, Don from DieselBoss, Phineas, Greeblie, Kathy from Zion Xpress and the usual suspects who listen in to Truckstar Radio every night!

Also from Arctic Trucks is this week’s feature  video

You have to see this to believe it!

“It’s definitely not the kind of talk radio grandpa listens to”
(once it pops up click back on the “listen” page and keep web surfing)
Call-in number:


Don’t just sit there – SAY SOMETHING !
Contact me if you want to do your own show. Sponsors and drivers, tech experts, health experts, folks from lots of different walks of life are signing on! Think it over and let me know!

A big THANKS to everyone, including my fellow trucking podcasters, who came on the show last night from my page and my Skype page, I can be found on both at “thetruckstarlive”
Check out my cool new flash player: (once it pops up click back on the “listen” page and keep web surfing) – take a rescued pet to his new home and family (mileage and tax credit paid)

Don’t forget about single Moms and abused kids in your community!

Until next week truckstars – I love ya and I’m prayin’ for ya!

Saddle up……..let’s ride!
….you’re on the road with the original florida kid…

…….we gown……


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