"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 57 – The Truckstar

Week 57

Hello again fellow Truckstars! It’s Week 57 and……you’re on the road with the original florida kid!”…..

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, Tommy Boy, Neil Ray, JT, the “cowgirls” and the whole gang here at the ranch give a big cowboy howdy “HEY!”…..

“It’s definitely not the kind of talk radio grandpa listens to”
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Call in number –  954-376-8452

Don’t just sit there – SAY SOMETHING !
Contact me if you want to do your own show.
Sponsors and drivers, tech experts, health experts, folks from lots of different walks of life are signing on!
Think it over and let me know!
A big THANKS to everyone, including my fellow trucking bloggers and podcasters, who came on the show last night from my page and my Skype page, I can be found on both at “thetruckstarlive”!

KITCHEN TABLE TALKIN’- Well no doubt, by now, if you’re following the key pieces of legislation that pertain directly to us, as drivers, then you know that most of them fell down dead on the house or senate floor during the transition of administrations recently. This is typical and usually happens so we need to pick up the cause once again and let our elected officials, including the president, know that we really want these issues looked at and adopted. In the coming weeks I will research the legislation I have written about here at The Truckstar and if they have been renamed I will let you know! Also I strongly suggest you swing by Dan Little’s site over there at the OOU and keep abreast of what actions “the hardest working man in trucking” is up to. Dan is our best hope and resource, as drivers to have a shot at a decent way of life here in trucking, in many ways. – are the 2 sites maintained by the OOU, the 2nd one being the forum site where you can, and should, get involved in the discussions going on there, and, I think you’ll find the total absence of media spin a refreshing and imformative change from the typical bias we see every day in trucking news!

Here’s the info to contact your legislators :

Conservative America….I’m not sure what happened here …I guess we’ll find out…I can tell you one thing though…the “real” battle isn’t over…it’s just begun…..again…..and we have 4 years to decide if, and how, we want to be heard next election. 4 years goes by quick….although somethin’ tells me this is going to be a long four, truckstars…..tellin’ ya……

Well – let’s not forget that these people are elected officials and WE still have a voice in government! Right? The economic situation in this country needs and demands our input to our government in an ongoing way….wha’cha think truckstars?….

I’m not going to bash Obama. Why? Because I still have respect for the office of the presidency, that’s why, so let’s just get past the honeymoon and the racial stuff here and get on with the business of runnin’ this country…if that’s what’s goin’ on here……

Am I upset? Hell yes I’m upset…like I said – conservative values just went into the toilet – unless we keep this liberal government in check……and that’s what I mean by “the battle isn’t over….it’s just begun”….otherwise we’ll reap the harvest along with the liberals promoting it….uhhh….WHAT?…..yeah…think about that one for a minute….when the party’s over and the smoke clears there’s still work to be done and it ain’t gonna happen overnight either…..

Listen to me….I want just as bad as anyone for this to be the time in American history where the people’s voices are heard and the country becomes the place our founding fathers envisioned it to be, and listen , it’s not just a question of motivations – it’s a matter of values, and that’s the part that has me worried….I don’t want some rich guys money, whether he earned it the right way or the wrong way, that’s for the courts and God to decide, not me….and that doesn’t solve the day to day labor and job and career re-training issues in this country anyway, we’re just moving money around…even that costs money to do and guess who gets to pay for it……you guessed it…

“He” apparently hasn’t had much experience in trying to take money from rich people….yeah…this I gotta see….

THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT- Arterial plaque. What is it, where does it comes from and what do we do about it?  On any given day, how much thought do we give to what’s in the foods we eat and the liquids we drink? Atherogenisis – the process of the artery walls being lined by depsosits, mostly cholesterol.

What happens when we eat a diet too high in fats or other chemicals that aren’t natural? They leave residual plaque which lines the arteries and veins in our bodies, even the ones in the heart and brain. This plaque begins to close-off the artery(otherwise known as “high blood pressure”) or vein and sometimes pieces break off or clots form (because of the artery wall damage being done), and a heart attack or stroke occurs. Stroke and heart attacks are far to common in our society, which is the most educated, nutritionally, yet. Studies even indicate, that in the brain, deposits carried into sensitive brain tissue from the blood flow leave layering or sediment deposits which cuts off or chokes off oxygen from the blood eventually diminishing the activity and capacity of areas of the brain. This can be manifested, to one degree or another, as Alzheimers or Dementia( remember our Grandma June, this is what she had and died of last year).

When we eat a diet rich in “natural” nutrients we GREATLY reduce this kind of effects from food, it’s that simple truckstars…I don’t get enough exercise and I’m trying to do something about it…I eat fried chicken and pizza WAY too often and I am doing something about that too. I Do watch my butter, salad dressings and the fat content of everything I eat, all the time, the chemicals in my food too. Sometimes it isn’t possible, I know that, but let’s face it we’re talking about “damage control” here aren’t we?

Listen to me…this is serious business we’re talking about and I want you to be as healthy as possible, and more importantly, disease free, but you have to do what you can! You control what goes into your body – don’t you? Start out with a basic look at what you normally eat and work it out from there, Okay? Get a bottle of good “whole food organic” vitamins….

Salt. Or more specifically – sodium.

The American Medical Association says that 150,000 lives would be, not could be, WOULD BE, saved every year if Americans would cut their salt intake in half….yeah really…

True – lots of companies have lowered the sodium levels in the foods they produce, but others have increased it, fast food french fries, and some of the so-called “low-fat” foods being at the head of the class. According to a Consumer Reports evaluation of 37 food brands available nationwide including breakfast foods, sweet snacks and low fat foods – the study surprisingly found that even licorice, spaghetti sauce and bagels were found to have much higher levels of sodium than previously thought. Restaurant meals led the sodium “bad boy” list, salt being used not just to add flavor but as a preservative, it’s in msg, (which is also linked to cancer), monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrates, and even baking soda. 10% of the sodium we eat occurs in foods naturally. The rest is added!  High blood pressure and related cardio-vascular dieseases are primary results of too much salt in our diets.

What do we do?

Read the labels on the foods you buy! (buy lower sodium foods, just add your own sea salt at home)

Switch to sea salt, (Grandma swears by it.), it’s much lower in sodium and tastes better.

Take some on the road with you.

You shouldn’t be getting more than 2000 or so milligrams a day, most Americans take in over 4,000 miligrams a day….

Just take it day by day truckstars and train yourself to read labels! Remember – lower fat and sodium foods will take you a long, long way towards better health and keeping the extra weight off!

Someday….I’m dreaming…someday the truckstops will get their act together and actually offer food that doesn’t shorten our lives….
Make sure you get as much whole grain as poss, every day! Greens, dark greens, carrotts, cucumbers, cabbage, whole pea pods (too) are good plant ruffages! Keep your lower unit clear and your veins and arteries will stay clear! Check the labels and packaging on the stuff you buy to eat….and get a good whole food organic multiple vitamin! Remember boys and girls – fast food causes slow death..
Please truckstars…why is it we watch so carefully how we maintain our vehicles but we have no regard for what we put in our body’s tank?More next week on fast food survival tactics for road warriors..

TRUCKSTAR TECH- Try for device problems…and solutions.

HP 2140. Hp has come up with a netbook the critics are hailing as one of the top netbooks.
Here’s the product code –  KS143UT-SC2
HP is offering an accessorie bundle to protect the laptop too and it’ $449 ! Great deal on a great netbook!

APU’s – I think I have found the APU system that will put all the others to rest. or
This is Joel, also known as @KoolRigAPU on Twitter!
My personal search for “THE” best APU is OVER!

Check this one out!

Listen truckstars, this idling legislation is NOT going away, it’s time to start thinking about an APU. This unit has several diff. fuel and power options and Joel is trying to keep the costs down by setting up factory installation too!
Get to know him, you’ll like this guy!
Cummings is ceasing production of their APU series

Don’t forget about abused kids…..they really need heroes….YOU?
PLEASE! Say a prayer for SOMEBODY today!

Pray for our nation, the world and the “lost”….

I was once lost but now am found because someone prayed for me…….

REMEMBER – No load and NO paycheck is worth dyin’ for…..

Don’t ever forget – I love ya…and I’m prayin’ for ya !

Play nice, drive safe and pull it on home………

Saddle up truckstars…..let’s ride……’re “on the road with the original florida kid”…we gown…


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