"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 59 – The Truckstar

Hello again fellow Truckstars! It’s Week 59 and….

…’re on the road with the original florida kid!”……..

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, Tommy Boy, JT, Neil Ray and the cowgirls all want to give a big cowboy howdy “HEY!” to one and all!

I also want to give a big shout out to the good folks over at “The Trucker” trucking newspaper and the Pilot Challenge magazine, and dear friends Donna and Allen Smith from , @truckerapp and @max4health on Twitter) and recommend you iPhone users to download and enjoy the awesome new trucker app they’ve created, see the site for info and links to the download! Ask Damian from @a_smart_union on how it works, he’s on Twitter too!

You can find me on Twitter at –

-KITCHEN TABLE TALKIN’- Grandma’s back and leg are getting worse, soon she will have no choice but to go in and have the surgery. It’s something we’ve all been urging her to do for some time. Barbie was a little “too” pale when I got in from the road last tuesday and I’m thinkin’ maybe she’s sicker than she’s lettin’ on. Between the two of them, gettin’ them to the doctors is really difficult…….

I guess life has it’s up’s and down’s for all of us…

Hopefully, this week, you’re still rollin’, doin’ what we, as drivers, do. I’m probably going to be sittin’ for a few days or more, as, the boat hauling season slows down in mid summer to pick up again in the early fall when folks go back to their winter homes. At least I’ll get a chance to develop some of the shows I have planned and catch up on some long overdue writing. Stay tuned…..

I can’t help but make a comment or two about the state of the economy, our government and our leaders. It seems more and more, or should I say, less and less, is our input and voice being heard when it comes to the government taking action and spending money. I don’t want to wake up someday soon and realize that my voice doesn’t matter anymore and the govenrment owns most of the large corp’s here in the U.S., you know the ones, the ones that manufacture outside the U.S. exploiting 3rd world labor and yet expect the American people to be able to sponsor their “bottom line”……….just sayin’…..

I hope you’ll stay tuned to me on Truckstar Radio, lots of cool changes and new features will be appearing right here on this page, and, we have a lot of good shows coming up, “Jason’s Law” – Congressman Tonko, Mr. Hardendorf(Jason’s uncle) and (hopefully) Jason’s wife will be on to discuss the progress of this vital “bill”, also, Jessie will be doing a “women’s only” show which will begin in a week or so with several panelists and co-hosts you’re already familiar with including Trucker Desiree, Donna(from@max4health and @askthetrucker on Twitter). Gauging from the reaction and anticipation of this segment it should be VERY popular!

Also watch for the shows coming soon here on Truckstar Radio! I’m talking with Don from also, he’s thinkin’ about jumpin’ in on the action, Don is very knowledgeable about GPS and computers, mobile tech and an impressive range of other drivers related subjects.

As many of you know I am a big supporter of the OOU and a fan of Pres. Dan Little. ( and the OOU Forum site –

Dan is a frequent caller to my radio show on Truckstar Radio.

Truckstar Radio – ( or On both links you can click off the link page, once your media player or the flash player loads, back to the web.

(Call in number is 954-376-8452)

*DON’T FORGET!: Tune in friday nights from 7-9pm eastern time for “The Truck Stops Here” radio program hosted by Fred and JB from The American Driver at on and simulcast by me on Truckstar Radio at 7-9pm here in eastern time! Tune in for a great show!

Topical discussion on trucking and legislative issues with notable guests!*

HR-2156 is “Jason’s Law” and we’re trying to get the word out to all drivers and those connected to trucking to contact their legislators to check on their involvement!/

I urge you to stay informed and GET INVOLVED!

Here’s the info to contact your legislators :

TRUCKSTAR TECH – A short word or two this week about mobile internet connections and devices. As many of you know I travel a lot and broadcast my show from the road. The hardest part of that is very often my “connection”. I’ve tried and used everything from wifi to hardline high speed to 3G(I’m on AT&T) and found that it really depends on where you are that determine’s how good your mobile web connection will be. I am planning on trying booster cards for both laptops so I can reel in better wifi when I’m forced to use it, and I’m looking into a better type of “antenna” so I can recieve better mobile internet” from AT&T. Occasionally I will be using the hardline high speed connections most truckstops have. So when you are thinking about getting a new laptop or smartphone, think carefully and ask around before you choose a provider, and if you plan on just using wifi where ever you may be think carefully about getting “secured” and a wifi booster card for you unit. I’m finding that it’s not so much the device you may be using but the connection you are accessing, they are NOT all the same. Don over at is THE guy to ask about your choice for a laptop! Okay?

THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT – Let’s talk about “sweating” this week. That’s right sweating! There is no better way for your body to rid itself of fats, chemicals and other toxins than sweating. Of course what we put into our bodies will have a direct relation to what we need to push out so as always watch your fat, salt and additives content in what you eat. Sweating is perhaps one of the most, if not THE most underrated aspect when it comes to our overall health plan. Many of us as we age begin to become less and less active, so, sweating becomes something that goes from a habit to a rare occurrence in our general activity. Many adults develop health issues solely based on the build up of arterial and venious sediment, endochrine system contamination and cerebral sediment layering. ALL results of build up in the body of food excess. PLEASE Truckstars pay attention to this warning I’m giving you here and make sweating a part of your activity as often as you can, early in the day is probably the best time, then shower and roll. Wha’dya say Truckstar? Don over at and James over at for the absolute best cutting edge and best advice you’ll find. Advice that’s right on the money for drivers!

So long for now truckstars!

Don’t forget about abused kids…..they really need heroes….YOU?

PLEASE! Say a prayer for SOMEBODY today!

Pray for our nation, the world and the “lost”….

I was once lost but now am found because someone prayed for me…….

REMEMBER – No load and NO paycheck is worth dyin’ for…..

Don’t ever forget – I love ya…and I’m prayin’ for ya !

Play nice, drive safe and pull it on home………

Saddle up truckstars…..let’s ride……’re “on the road with the original florida kid”…we gown…


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