"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 60 – The Truckstar

Hello again fellow Truckstars! It’s Week 60 and…..
………”you’re on the road with the original florida kid”
Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, Neil Ray, JT, Tommy Boy and all the cowgirls and gang here at the ranch want to give a big cowboy howdy “HEY” to you!

KITCHEN TABLE TALKIN’ – Well, so how are you? Getting’ by I hope, like us here at the ranch. It’s, of course, been a matter of prioritizing and focus on survival essentials but we all Thank God for His mercy and grace and provision.
As this nation descends into the “dark ages” I think one thing is clear to many patriots and even every day citizens, and it’s this: We need to return to our roots as a nation, a nation under God, FIRST, then and only then will it be clear where we stand, day to day, and what we need to do. The lighthouse of truth is being torn down, with malice, with an arrogance that only belies the face of evil. Many are waking up to the horror that we face, right now, here in America. And, only We, the People……can or will do something about it.
If our forefathers are able to watch and see what’s going on in this country from where they rest – what do you think they are saying amongst themselves? If they were alive today walking the blood stained soil of this land, what do think they would do?
Stand and watch? No, you know they wouldn’t……
Hundreds of thousands of lives have been sacrificed for the truths and ideals we hold self evident. The highways and inroads of liberty that created the very fabric of this nation, the freedoms and liberties bought with blood are being spat upon. Their blood, the blood of those who have come before us, and memory is being trampled, even scorned by the governing body of the US.
The People? Slavery in America is NOT dead, it now has a different face. We’ve elected a moslem socialist to lead us. He is, with great speed, closing the fist of tyranny around the throat of the American people, with an arrogant smirk., meanwhile making his friends, some of whom are communists, very rich. He has many, albeit blind, subjects who, as yet have no real idea what they are in for.
Is it a crime yet, to be a Christian Conservative? Oh, okay just checkin’……..
I hear hoof beats thundering, echoing through the trees…can it be Paul Revere calling, warning us “the socialist are coming, the socialists are coming!”
What cha think, Truckstar? – “Jason’s Law” – this is the site where you can follow the progress of one of the most important pieces of legislation for the American truck driver. Read up on what this bill proposes and get involved!
Here’s the info to contact your legislators and find more info:

Also, an urgent call out to ALL truckers to contact your rep’s and senators, and yes even the president to urge them not to bow to the Mexican regime, a corrupt regime that wants to rake in money from letting their sub standard drivers and equipment run freely in this country. He’s going there to speak with them on Sunday the 9th of Aug. which is, at the point of this writing, tomorrow.

THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT- Trans fats. We’ve all been hearing a lot about them lately and there’s a big move in the food industry to eliminate them from foods because it’s more than been proven that they cause a bunch of different health problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Let’s get down to the nature of the problem….food co’s expose oils to hydrogen, that is, the kinds used in the making of processed food products like cookies, cakes, crackers and breads as well as the types of processed food ingredients used in restaurants, and deep frying cooking oils, (not just fast food joints either.) Now, there are 4 types of fats commonly found in the typical diet – mon and poly-unsaturated fats, or good fats, and saturated and trans-fats, or bad fats. So – they are taking an already bad fat and making it far worse by causing the properties within it to change, hydrogenation changes a natural balance from, what are termed, HDL’s,(which are good cholesterols that take fats from the blood to the liver for elimination from your body) and LDL’s, (or bad cholesterols which build up and clog arteries and veins) to be far more lethal in LDL’s or bad cholesterols. We all eat this stuff every day in toxic amounts, your kids do to in the junk foods they eat, thats why so many kids are overweight and already have health issues because of it.
Why do they partially hydrogenate oils?
So the products they are used in last longer on the shelf and in the deep fryers, it’s cheaper for the food co’s, and it makes the oils more solid so they are easier to work with….yeah, it’s that simple and gets back to greed….A very long list of interested health agencies and advocate groups including the U.S. government, the American Heart Assoc., the Harvard School of Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine all have done and published studies on the health effects of partially hydrogenated trans fats, or trans fats, and they all agree that the health effects have already caused deaths in the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions by some accounts, in this country from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
Bottom line? Read the labels on the stuff you buy at the grocery store!! Even if it says No Trans Fats on the package, check the ingredients panel and if it says “made with partially hydrogenated oils” DO NOT BUY IT AND DON’T EAT IT – EVER !!!!
I’m pissed because they turned Oreos into a death snack…….check the package you’ll see what I mean….AND ask at the restaurants you eat at if they use cooking or deep fryer oils that are partially hydrogenated…The health experts all scream in agreement that the single most serious dietary threat to Americans is trans fats….the evidence and body count is there truckstars!…

Next Week, a little about the endochrine, or glandular, system in the body. The how’s and why’s of what we eat and how it is affecting us from the inside out! Stay tuned truckstars… sure to check out Don over at and James over at for the absolute best cutting edge and best advice you’ll find. Advice that’s right on the money for drivers!

TRUCKSTAR TECH- HP has just come out with a netbook which I think is great, along with the Acer Aspire 10” model also. Here’s the link to to check them out, also, sign up for the “alerts”, then you’ll know when to jump on a blow out sale….

Mobile technology, more and more is becoming a standard part of our day, and night for some of us, with cost being the difference between having access and not. Many of us have a cell phone and a laptop out on the road, and for me the choice will soon be made which I will choose, for me it will be the laptop. You?

That’s it for this week Truckstars, more Truckstar tech next week!

Don’t forget about abused kids…..they really need heroes….YOU?
PLEASE! Say a prayer for SOMEBODY today!
Pray for our nation, the world and the “lost”….
I was once lost but now am found because someone prayed for me…….. REMEMBER – No load and NO paycheck is worth dyin’ for…..
Don’t ever forget – I love ya…and I’m prayin’ for ya !
Play nice, drive safe and pull it on home………
Saddle up truckstars…..let’s ride……
………’re “on the road with the original florida kid”…we gown…


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