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Week 63 – The Truckstar


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Hello again fellow Truckstars! It’s Week 63 and….

…’re on the road with the original florida kid……

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, Tommy Boy, Neil Ray and all the cowgirls here at the ranch want to give a BIG COWBOY HOWDY “HEY!”

As we head into the Christmas Season of 2009 I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous, Blessed New Year! I LOVE and PRAY for you all every day.


A couple of weeks ago I attended a Tea Party/912/GOP rally in Port St. Lucie, Forida, just up the coast from where I live. I had never been to one of these political rallies but I wanted to go so I could hopefully, get involved somehow. Not knowing what to expect I made my way inside, stopped at the door by folks with big smiles and warm, hearty handshakes. Once inside I was again greeted by several sincere people, happy to introduce themselves, all, making me feel right at home.

Soon everyone was seated, a man walked up to the podium and addressed the crowd, some 100 people, and began the evening’s meeting WITH A PRAYER…. then we all stood, faced the flag, put our hands on over our hearts and TOGETHER WE RECITED THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE.

Including the sentence “one nation under God”….( I think I was half expecting government troops to storm the building and arrest us all….)

Call me crazy, or just plain dumb, but this was the last thing I expected, or maybe it had just been so long since I’ve stood anywhere but in my own home and done such a thing.

I must tell you a tear came to my eye as I stood there with my hand over my heart, barely able to believe what I was hearing and seeing. Not until afterward did I think about this.

Let me ask YOU something. When was the last time you prayed with others, in public? Or, said the pledge of allegience in public? For many, I’m guessing it’s been a LONG time, it had been for me.

Not long into my thoughts, I was suddenly struck with this: What has happened in this country, a country founded on the principles of truth, justice, liberty. A country whose founding fathers were mostly made up of God fearing Christian believers inclined to and determined to create a nation unlike the world had ever seen, a nation “Under God” wherein “ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL”.

Suddenly I was hit with the realization that we may have departed from the original course plotted and set at the begining of the United States of America.

We are no longer united, this nation has become so divided from within it cannot hope to stand. Darkness has become light. Lies have become truth. Those against whom we have sent our sons and daughters to fight against in wars and years past, even now, to die trying to stop, have now become the governemental and business leaders directing the destiny of our country! Can it be true? Why is now against the law to say “One nation under God” in public, in schools? Why, how is it illegal to pray in public places or sing Christmas carols, or even wrong to say Merry Christmas? If we are no longer “One nation under God” then who or what are we under? Man? What man? Who?

Have we become political footballs, or the prey of those who would blind us to the truth, day to day? WHY?

Is the road we are hurtling down really the one we want to be on?

I thought I just saw a sign that said “CAUTION: DEAD END”

A nation divided against itself cannot stand. Liberty has become a word our children have to look up in the dictionary, they won’t see it in their lives.

How true, but maybe that’s the objective of the darkest of hearts, those that the blind have elected to lead.

God help us, and may God PLEASE Bless the USA!

The other day while on my way back from St. Petersburg Florida I got a call from a guy named JOHNNY SCHRUNK. Who he is and what he had to say is just as unusual as his name. Johnny is the creator of “The Trucker Information Summit”, a meeting of drivers coming up in January 2010 where they’ll learn everything they might need to make it successfully out there on the road in any economy! That’s RIGHT! Any economy! I hope you’ll head over there and look into this! Veteran drivers in his own family, a trucking family going back decades out of Nebraska, Johnny Schrunk is MORE than qualified to teach seminars like this. You can find Johnny and all the latest info @ :

Also this week a big shout out to Sean Brown aka @ProtruckR on Twitter! Sean has been a regular on TruckstarRadio for some time, garnering his own following of fans around the world. Being himself a veteran driver rolling day and night through the often treacherous Rocky Mountains of northern Canada, Sean’s photographs of the majestic beauty of this region are a huge hit with trucking fans all across the globe. Sean and his sidekick “Monkey Bone” keep us in stitches most every night!

Tune in and hear Sean most nights on Truckstar Radio! – bookmark this site! Why? I’m glad you asked.

As you read this, a 16 year old from Minnesota, her Dad, Lee Jordan, (a driver himself from among our ranks), is running across America for truckers. That’s right, RUNNING across this country from San Diego to New York City to bring awareness to the St. Christopher’s Truckers Fund: AND the plight of drivers here in the U.S. Many of whom, when hard times or illness strike, have no place to turn and no one to turn to. That’s where the St. Christopher’s Trucker’s Fund might come in, to help with medical and other bills, if and when a driver might need financial help.

“Jazzy” Jasmine Jordan and driver Dad Lee Jordan are trekking across this country as a team, Jazzy running and Dad following close behind in a pilot truck with flashers going as his daughter travels 18 to 20 miles a day in her quest to reach New York City by spring. Fans from around the world have been sending their love and awestruck respect as the miles track by day after day. Many have stopped along the highway to run with Jazzy. People from all walks of life, many are not runners at all. Some are, like a New Mexico State trooper, a U.S. Army officer, kids from local schools who seem to be so inspired by Jazzy’s running are turning out and showing their love and support. Not lost in this is Jazzy’s hope that folks will look into and donate to her and Dad’s road expenses and the St. Christopher’s Trucker’s Fund.

One day truckstar YOU might need them, or someone you know. If ya can, what ya can, when ya can! OK?

Also a great place to check out news and info on American issues is: Tisha Cassida, write/publisher is a true patriot! and Jim Kelly are well worth a look. Check out the video section!

And: home of Bob Mccarty Writes, one of the webs best blogs!

Thanks to thriller bestselling author AJ Scudiere and her latest bestseller “Resonance” now available in hardcover, soon in paperback AND on cd, download and, a first, flashdrive, as an Audio Movie. The coolest evolution of the audio book so far!

Here’s a few of great resources for you:

Tune in and call in to TruckstarRadio every night here on the web!

That’s it for this week Truckstars!

As always, I LOVE YA and I’m prayin’ for ya!

Pray for this Nation and the lost. Pray for SOMEBODY today!

Saddle up! Let’s ride….

……………you’re on the road with the original florida kid……we gown….


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