"On the Road with the Original Florida Kid"

Week 64 – The Truckstar


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Hello again fellow Truckstars! It’s Week 64 and….

…’re on the road with the original florida kid……

Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, Tommy Boy, Neil Ray and all the cowgirls here at the ranch want to give a BIG COWBOY HOWDY “HEY!”

KITCHEN TABLE TALKIN’ – Hopefully everyone had a good holiday, one that, due to this economy, might have caused, or even forced us to take a look at what we have and don’t have, who we are or maybe even, each other.

Family, loved ones, significant others, co-workers, suddenly may have come into focus and stayed there longer than usual, for some of us anyway due to, well, less money being in our personal pipelines.

If you’re like me, when thinking about days gone by, recent ones too, or times when maybe there seemed to be more work, more money, in short – better times, well, maybe you get a little depressed when you look around yourself, or when the fragmented glances of our nations economy come into focus.

(Stay with me….I’ll bring this thought home in a few paragraphs…..)

Oh for a week like the one I had in the fall, September of 05′!

I’ve learned a couple of things in my run here on planet earth. A run, as some of you know, that was a difficult one early on.

My youth was a measure of extremes, rich, yet oh so poor, at the same time. Then, poor yet oh so rich – in a life saving, direct, reversal of fortunes, which, Thank God for His infinite patience and mercy, I would not have otherwise survived.

As much as my youthful ego hated to admit it, I was made brutally aware of the fact that I could not make it on my own. I needed to understand, and nearly lost my life doing so, that none of us is alone, no matter who or what you are or aspire to be.

Egos and attitudes sometimes delude us into thinking we can blaze through this world solo, or ahead of the pack. For some, in terms of sheer nerve and fearless intentions this may be true, however, without those to turn to and bless with the fruit of these efforts, well, they may amount to nothing more than thunder in the distance. Or more tragically still – a useless exercise.

This….was me.

When I step back and take a hard look at the trucking industry, an industry I must confess I DO NOT love, I see an industry from an administrative level dis-associated from it’s labor ( those in the industry I DO love….) and labor dis-associated from itself.

Bringing THIS thought into focus may, as I mentioned earlier, cause some of us to feel a little depressed when we take a good hard look around ourselves. I know I do.

Is that ALL I feel? No, not hardly…..

Having the sense I once found elusive, the sense to look to the left and right of me, I am, more than ever, strengthened and inspired.

How about you Truckstar?

Are you strengthened and inspired by the growing crowd, the rising voices, voices once few, now growing to many?

Recent events like the sudden Arrow Trucking closure, a closure leaving drivers already made vulnerable by several weeks of bounced paychecks, stranded, literally, on the highways and in truck stops all over the U.S. due to fuel cards being cut off. One of the finance company‘s, with hundreds of trucks in service, were not receiving payments from Arrow, though drivers were making them to Arrow and the finance co. was forced to round these trucks up.

Literally overnight, we saw and heard many from the ranks within step up, and some, not even in the trucking industry stepped up to offer assistance to stranded drivers.

Some, who are in the trucking industry, extended their hands but not for the purpose of helping but to dig it deep into the pockets, yet again, of the drivers in need and also the well intended general public. We saw a sickening sideshow of public relations maneuvers.

Those from within and those from outside trucking seemed to galvanize overnight into a “team”, a team capably and passionately captained by Donna Creekmore, former Arrow exec., a team whose sole mission was the location and welfare of stranded Arrow drivers. The efforts of “Momma” Donna and her team, comprised of drivers, friends and volunteers like Dana Stanley, and a genuine force of nature – Tracy Lynn, driver Eric Mende, Lisa, Brandon White, himself a struggling victim and driver, and others resulted in a nationwide awareness to a “cause”. A cause that is known as the “Arrow Trucking Volunteer Efforts” loyally supported by “Real Women in Trucking” both groups can be found and followed on Facebook, RWIT can be found here too:

Not to be forgotten are the thousands of Samaritans who stepped up to find, get home and help with bills, the many Arrow drivers left stranded. Many Thanks and God’s Blessings upon them ALL.

This effort and team still remains in place.

A little bird tells me you can look for Donna and her team to surface in the near future in a capacity that, the nature of which, I will let her announce to you.

These voices, and the growing army of voices across this country, voices who have chosen to speak together as one, this , unlike any time in recent past, is what I saw and heard come from the ashes of a great tragedy. A tragedy that, in times past, may have come and gone with a mere whimper of protest and action.

Look driver, to your left, to your right. You’ll see someone there, someone that is NOT GOING AWAY FROM YOU….EVER.

Raise your voice. It’s being heard.

Many will hear YOUR voice and follow YOU. Are you in, Truckstar?

Stay tuned for upcoming shows here on TruckstarRadio!

I’ll take you along as I go on “extreme trucking” adventures around the world starting in the Arctic Circle, I’ll go “ice road truckin’! ”

Be a part of trucking history when we have the world’s first International Drivers Call-in nite, where drivers from around the world will be calling in to meet and speak together.

We’ll be doing a series of no holds barred stories on Human Trafficking, even here in the U.S. this controversial horror may involve American truckers.

We’ll follow up on the FMCSA driver call-in, updates and more on CSA2010 ……with our experts.

Watch for the launch of “For Women Only”, a show for frank, open and uncensored talk on women’s issues, by, with and “for women only”. No guys on this show!

Industry writers will be updating us on major issues and industry buzz also, I’ll be interviewing some of our favorite authors from the world of fiction.

Don’t forget to call in when we have bestsellling author Annie Wilder back on to hear your “trucker ghost stories”! Your trucker ghost story may end up in Annie’s new book and TV show “Trucker Ghost Stories.”

Also look for “Addiction Connection” a show where we’ll talk about just what the title says – “addiction”. Experts from this field and stories of those who have survived will weigh in, maybe you have a problem and need help to make the connection with recovery. Tune in!

Night after night we have open call in where drivers from all over the world call in to participate and “hang out” with us and maybe you will too!

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Got Skype?

On another battlefield, one you may already know of, are warriors in God’s army who rescue people abducted and sold as slaves, here in our own country. YOU can make a difference, YOU may be the one who gets someone back home to the loving arms of family.

Stay tuned to Truckstar Radio!

Be a part of it, I want your voice heard!

Tune in and call in to TruckstarRadio most nights here on the web!

That’s it for this week Truckstars!

As always, I LOVE YA and I’m prayin’ for ya!

Pray for this Nation and the lost. Pray for SOMEBODY today!

Saddle up! Let’s ride….

……………you’re on the road with the original florida kid……we gown….


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