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Week 65 – The Truckstar

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Hello again fellow Truckstars! It’s Week 65 and….

…‘re on the road with the original florida kid…..
Grandma, Barbie, Pup the Wonder Dog, the “brat”, Tommy Boy, Neil Ray and all the cowgirls here at the ranch want to give a BIG COWBOY HOWDY “HEY!”

Looking back over the last 2 months, for me, has been something of a blurr. Weeks filled with phone calls, emails, IM’s, Twitter and Facebook activity, my broadcasts on Truckstar Radio, and YOU!
You can find me on Twitter at and also, on Facebook at
The landscape of the trucking industry seems to look different, some would say worse, every time we take a fresh look at it. We’re seeing economic craziness illustrated by the current never ending low, more and more regulations coming through mandate from the FMCSA in the form of CSA 2010, also, HOS discussion and new health rules.
If you step back and look at the “big picture” as it pertains to the American driver, the industry in terms of business forecast and current trends has changed and, is changing, a lot.
According to stats released by the DOT the other day, traffic fatalities have reached an all time low, the lowest since 1954, while truck robberies and hijackings have gone up to 859 in 2009, almost 200 more, from 672 in 2007. (makes a good case to support the new nationwide concealed weapons “carry” law, doesn’t it?)

The Mexican Cross Border program appears poised for it’s operational launch soon. Have you kept up with the latest news? I hope you plan to contact your congressmen/women and senators on this, let them know how you feel!
I believe this is THE most pressing issue the American driver has to think about and deal with – trust me Truckstars it’s not going away!
Is the American driver about to fade into history? A history that is a part of the fabric of America, our trucker history? When the good times rolled here in the U.S. so did the American driver, when war raged the American driver stepped up, when disasters strike here at home, the American driver risked ALL to help those in need and will continue to do so. When all others all run from the scene of catastrophe, the American driver heads toward it 24/7 to bring relief supplies. Many in and outside the trucking industry feel YOU are worth an effort to preserve as voters, a very large force of labor and consumers. But the question I have driver is – “Do YOU?”
Raise your voice. It’s being heard.
Many will hear YOUR voice and follow YOU. Are you in Truckstar?

Don’t forget to support Hope Rivenburg and Jason’s Law and also on Twitter as @JasonsLaw and @HopeRivenburg
Hope is in D.C. as I write this, having a press conference on this issue trying to garner support among our apparently UN-informed elected officials on Capitol Hill. This bill is important for parking and a few other issues that affect YOU on the road!
It’s up to you driver to make sure they know how you feel on this bill – HR 2156

Check out these sites for info and updates: – Tune into Truckstar Radio Friday nights for “Truckin’ Fit Fridays“ with bodybuilder, show truck owner/driver and health expert Richie Acosta! Do YOU have a good trucker ghost story? You could be in Annie’s new book “Trucker ghost Stories” and the TV/Cable show coming soon! Dan Harr’s insider online music column on the Nashville music scene! – Author Paul Todds explosive bestseller on the freight broker industry. Things you did NOT know and how prices are passed all the way to the consumer! – the name speaks for itself, I hope you’ll take a look into this issue, we can all help! – columnist, journalist Bob McCarty’s top column/blog!

THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT- Salt. Or more specifically – sodium. The American Medical Association says that 150,000 lives would be, not could be, WOULD BE, saved every year if Americans would cut their salt intake in half….yeah really…
True – lots of companies have lowered the sodium levels in the foods they produce, but others have increased it, fast food french fries, and some of the so-called “low-fat” foods being at the head of the class.
According to a Consumer Reports evaluation of 37 food brands available nationwide including breakfast foods, sweet snacks and low fat foods – the study surprisingly found that even licorice, spaghetti sauce and bagels were found to have much higher levels of sodium than previously thought. Restaurant meals led the sodium “bad boy” list, salt being used not just to add flavor but as a preservative, it’s in msg, (which is also linked to cancer), monosodium glutamate, sodium nitrates, and even baking soda.
10% of the sodium we eat occurs in foods naturally. The rest is added!
High blood pressure and related cardio-vascular dieseases are primary results of too much salt in our diets.
What do we do?
Read the labels on the foods you buy! (buy lower sodium foods, just add your own sea salt at home)
Switch to sea salt, (Grandma swears by it.), it’s much lower in sodium and tastes better.
Take some on the road with you. You shouldn’t be getting more than 2000 or so milligrams a day, most Americans take in over 4,000 miligrams+ a day….
Just take it one step at a timeTruckstars and train yourself to read labels! Remember – lower fat and sodium foods will take you a long, long way towards better health, lower risk of stroke, high blood pressure and keeping the extra weight off!

Stay tuned for upcoming shows here on TruckstarRadio!

I’ll take you along as I go on “extreme trucking” adventures around the world starting in the Arctic Circle, I’ll go “ice road truckin’! ”
*Be a part of trucking history when we have the world’s first International Drivers Call-in nite, where drivers from around the world will be calling in to meet and speak together.
*We’ll be doing a series of no holds barred stories on Human Trafficking, even here in the U.S. this controversial horror may involve American truckers.
*We’ll follow up on the FMCSA driver call-in, updates and more on CSA2010 ……with our experts.
Watch for the launch of “For Women Only”, a show for frank, open and uncensored talk on women’s issues, by, with and “for women only”. No guys on this show!
*Industry writers will be updating us on major issues and industry buzz also, I’ll be interviewing some of our favorite authors from the world of fiction.
*Don’t forget to call in when we have bestsellling author Annie Wilder back on to hear your “trucker ghost stories”!
Your trucker ghost story may end up in Annie’s new book and TV show “Trucker Ghost Stories.”
*Also look for “Addiction Connection” a show where we’ll talk about just what the title says – “addiction”. Experts from this field and stories of those who have survived will weigh in, maybe you have a problem and need help to make the connection with recovery. Tune in!
*“LIVE DRIVER” a “hands free” show where on the road drivers call in and speak their minds!
*“History Road” vet drivers call in and talk about the old days, old roads and truck stops!
Night after night we have open call in where drivers from all over the world call in to participate and “hang out” with us and maybe you will too!
You won’t hear this kind of content anywhere else in radio, so tune in and be a part of history!
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Call in anytime! 615-713-1068

That’s it for this week Truckstars!
As always, I LOVE YA and I’m prayin’ for ya!
Pray for this Nation and the lost.
Pray for SOMEBODY today!

Saddle up! Let’s ride…
……‘re on the road with the original florida kid……we gown….


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