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Hi Everyone!

For those of you who have been following me for any length of time, the last few months have probably been tough for you to understand just what in the world is going on with me and where I’ve gone. I’m sure the folks and groups who have been targets of my expose’s in past blogs and radio broadcast’s are, however, not. They’re just glad I’m gone. Wrong. I’m still here on the web and hopefully in the hearts of those that really know me and understand what I’m doing and where I’m doing it. I’m transitioning from being a trucking blogger and trucker talk radio show host to a mainstream journalist and fiction writer. That was always the plan and it’s playing out better than I had hoped. Yes, I haven’t blogged for a long time here on TT and my domain is down, temporarily. But, I will be back with another mega site and in the meantime will continue to write to you via this blog. As far as radio goes, I’m shopping opportunities on the AM talk show circuit and hope to bring many issues to the forefront when I return to the airwaves. There will also be an online version of my show. Follow me on my author site for now if you want, to see what I’m up to and where and keep up with me on Twitter at my personal page: Daniel Audet I’ll post links and alerts to the articles and blog posts on news sites, like Yahoo News and others that I am writing for.  Because of the darker forces in trucking and politics that hope you will remain ignorant to their true agendas and submissive to them I can’t reveal everything I’m up to but I am HERE.

Writing is a full time gig, I can tell you that much, and doing it on a pro level requires a huge investment of time and energy as you might guess, not to mention the enormous amount of time I spend networking and communicating with people in media and publishing, almost a full time gig in itself. I don’t say this to make excuses but I’m explaining why you haven’t seen much here in the last several months. It doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten you, it means I’m on another kind of road, a road I can do a lot more for you from. And I will.

The trucking industry will soon be experiencing major changes from a labor source standpoint and an import/export standpoint, meaning locationally, and it won’t be long until we feel the effects they will have on us economically. These changes will directly affect the American driver and the American people in general, adding to the already depressed economy and job situation. IF the American driver does not choose to participate in the process of government both as it pertains to trucking and America as a whole I can promise you the dynamic of labor in this industry and the ripple effect on the working classes will dramatically change what we think we know. Many of the so-called groups, organizations and predatory industries that have been, for decades, an unbearable burden for the American driver will also feel the results of their own greed and deceptions. Thankfully. But, as always, it will be the good people, the working folks here in America that will feel the sting of yet another and worse still, season in the consequence of corporate greed. You will see the trucking industry resemble in many ways other national trends in big business on several levels. YOU driver, and your family will be on the receiving end of the economic algorythmic bull-whip, just like your friends and neighbors who were employed in other process out-sourced or labor and import in-sourced industries but instead of thousands of people we’re talking millions and more millions in and from diesel culture support industries. What I’m telling you is not speculation or fantasy it is economic reality and fact. The economy of this nation has NOT seen it’s worst days, not yet. Don’t believe the socialization propaganda, it’s a lie.

YOU driver represent the biggest and last frontier of labor in this nations history and like it or not a great responsibility rests on your capable shoulders. A responsibility many of our fellow countrymen may not even realize is there. Yet. Within you, within your hearts, is the true soul and spirit of the American ideal. It isn’t just about supplying and feeding the people of our country, it’s about  being among the strongest and most willing fibers in the canvas of America’s portait. A portait that has not yet been completed. A portait mastered by the Great Painter through our founding fathers and which continues to this day.  A portait taken from the images of blood, sweat and tears measured out each day in sacrifice and commitment by YOU.

From Jason’s Law to the various legislations and mandate revisions, from import/export Port politics to the standards of mis-information and mis-direction that have become staples of the industry, and, from jaded and biased radio programming intended to keep you distracted while even more sponsors dig their greedy paws deeper into your pockets and demoralize you with subtle dis-associative physocology – tools of the trades of greed and evil, tools we have seen the results of yesterday and today, tools that will further undermine the very strength of the American driver and the American people, if you let them. DON”T. Truth is still and will always be – Truth. Seek it and the path will always be lit, that you should not stumble.

I believe in you, I pray you believe in yourselves.

You know where to find me.


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  1. I have to agree with you. The worst hasn’t happened yet. It’s just starting the down spin cycle. – And what happens during this, is a loss of hope. – Seems to me that we were betting on the future being brighter, with a strong stock market etc, I’m not the brightest person when it comes to wall street, but it seems to me that when we don’t have higher hopes for a company, it’s stock doesn’t do so well.. property values (Detroit, for example) plummet… jobs go away… people’s income dwindles… home’s lost, hope fades. – I don’t want to see hope fade.

    Comment by randynose | October 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Thanks for the comments. It’s true, hope is a wonderful and powerful thing and you’ve got to wonder if that’s part of the overall manipulation, meaning the process of submission and domination we see in socialist nations, by the powers that be. Whoever they are. The stock market is a racket and I truly believe it’s not as random and left to the winds of change as we might think. Corporations are going to act like corporations, even in trucking. We want to believe other-wise, we want to hope in each other but principals and morality are not the common denominators among nations, commerce is. But, like the man said, “It ain’t over till it’s over.”

      Comment by danielaudet | October 8, 2010 | Reply

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