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Is this the END of the American trucker?

I haven’t gone very far, those of you who still follow me from my radio show awhile back know where to find me. I wanted to make a comment.

I’ve been seeing more and more on this cross border program in the news, knowing they would try to slide it in when no one was looking or would care. Maybe you’re undecided on what to think here on this issue, and believe me it’s way more than an “issue” it’s an economic calamity the likes of which we haven’t seen yet. A huge labor force will be slowly, probably quickly, replaced by a cheap labor force that american industry is already quite familiar with, and YOU are too! (who cuts your lawn?) Only this time the corporate nitwits behind this program including the 2 major manufacturer and retailer cartels and a couple of presidents back – the groundwork was laid for this thing and of course this president is lock stepping in line like he was supposed to to launch it. Mark my words whoever is reading this: This insourced labor scam will have a major impact on our economy and make no mistake here, the “issue” is to save labor dollars, NOTHING MORE NOTHING ELSE. The agriculture industry, the car makers, the hotel and construction trades, Levi’s, Ralph Lauren and hundreds of other co’s DO NOT CARE either only this won’t be a slow slide downhill, it will be more like a nuclear volcano. Transportation co’s and product makers are determined to cut their shipping costs and they will.

Where do you think, driver, that will leave you?

More on this soon. I’m on Twitter also. You know where to find me.


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