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Ok, well, my wife passed June 2nd and the weeks since then have been filled with trying to adjust to the sudden feeling of being alone, alone on a lot of levels. I’m not a person who is worried about or afraid to be alone, or by myself, but this is a different kind of feeling wherein I realize the million ways in which we were weaved together after over an almost 40 year time span and how the singular aspect of living now is new in as many ways. I collected her things from a couple of closets yesterday with the intent of donating them, as per her instructions and wishes and while doing so the real cold hard reality that she’s never coming back hit me full force. Yes, of course this was something I knew and know but like I said it’s a reality on a lot of levels. Part of me somewhere deep maybe also thought I was throwing her away. A thought I am still trying to dismiss, here today. I can almost hear her telling me to get myself together and do what needs to be done, so I did and will continue to finish this.

I hope to soon be working with an author friend to upgrade my skills and soon have the book, the first one, edited and see what happens and find a better work situation so I don’t starve while trying to polish my craft. Thanks for the support and following me through all of this on both blogs, I appreciate all the support and will see you on Twitter and Facebook.



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